Battery Wristband

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use your cable machine for wireless feeling

Battery Wristband 

Take your favorite batterypack and place it onto your wrist or upper forearm to get rid of cords hanging in the way. This wristband is a quality made product for all artists that uses machines that do not have the possibility to go wireless without having trouble with to much backweight or overhang. 
Made from CNC machined high grade matte black anodised aluminum. 
Notice! Be fast! We only made a small batch ;-) 

- use your favorite batterypack 
- flexible workflow 
- different forearm positions possible  
- for right or left handed 
- no weight added to your machine 
- short rca extention cables 
- fits different battery sizes
- battery diameters from 27mm to 33mm 
- (1,06 inch to 1,30 inch) 
- made in germany 

- Battery Wristband 
- 2x rca extension cable 50 cm (19,7 inch) 
- 1x velcro band short 
- 1x velcro band long 

Notice. If the rca cable does not fit tightly to your machine, then just tighten the male part of the cable by your fingers. Or you can use other rca extention cables that are easy to buy. 
*Batterys are not included

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