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Smallest Pen Tattoomachine on the Planet! Free Ball-Pen Cartridges included. 
For Battery or RCA Cable. 

smallest pen on the planet!  

This machine is pure fun! Exceptional small and easy to handle. The machine lies easy in your hand without having trouble to handle the weight or size. If you think that pen machines has to be thick, you will be surprised how easy it is to work with a pen machine that truly feels like a real pen. 
Tattooing with THE FINGER is like drawing and reminds to do easy artwork on skin. 
For us, tattooing has never been so much fun before! ;-) 
This Set comes with a free Ball-Pen Cartridge Set included aswell. 

- use with battery or rca cable
- perfectly made for realistic shading and fineline tattooing, fine colours, sketchy or stippling styles 
- lining from 01 to 11 liners 
- shading up to 17 mags
- best performance range between 5 to 8 volts 
- Grip autoclavable 
- Diameter 18,5mm, length 85mm 
- Stroke 2.5 mm
- weight 55 grams 

- THE FINGER Tattoomachine 
- RCA Cable 

- 3x Ball-Pen Cartridges 
- 10x Black, 10x Grey, 10x White Re-Fills 
- Spareparts 
- Ballpen Stencil Book

we build machines with passion