SWITCH - made for wireless - Budget Version

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- 4.0 mm STROKE 
- Medium Soft Plungerbar 


SWITCH - made for wireless 

The first rotary style machine made specifically for wireless. Because of its geometry and the positioning of your battery pack, the weight of the machine is forwarded to your hand. Now with highend components, a brushless motor with maximum torque and precise aircraft aluminum cnc machined parts. Also to mention is that this machine is for artists that like more maneuverability by using your adjustable grips instead of using a thick pen machine. We highly recommend small and lightweight batterypacks, such as the shorty ones from Critical or other brands. 


- SWITCH from cable to BATTERYPACK in seconds 
- battery connect position FORWARD to the hand
- ready for any COMFORTABLE adjustable grips 
- tattooing with GIVE and cartridges
- new plungerbar tip for extra needle STABILIZATION
- longlife BRUSHLESS motor with maximum TORQUE 
- strong but GENTLE to the skin
- VIBRATIONLESS eccenter cam 
- stroke eccenter wall EXCHANGABLE  
- voltage RANGE from 3.5 to 11 
- weight 80 grams
- made in GERMANY


- The SWITCH tattoomachine 
- 4.0 mm stroke cam
- Medium soft Plungerbar
- eccenter cam wall 
- hex-key 
- spare screw 
- plungerbar stabilizer O-rings 
 *battery is not included

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