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ONE MACHINE has it all!
Liningpower with ease by using 18RS or even 25RS (round shader lining)
For lining and shading with smaller needles from 7RL and 7RM
*all setups are now included in one machine


Made for professional artists!


Powerliner & Packer Setup:  Video Link
Made for big "long bar" needle groupings.
Lining with 25RS (Round Shader) possible!
Up from 11RL and 15RM and higher.
*Note: When using long bar needles, you can achieve the strongest power.

Standartliner & Shader Setup:  Video Link
Made for smaller "long bar" needle groupings from 7RL to 11RL and 7RM to 15RM.
*Note: For smaller needle groupings, you have to use the standart tension o-rings.

Cartridge Setup: Video Link
Made for Cartridges only. All sizes.
*Note: When using cartridges, the power depends on the strength of the membrane that can be adjusted by the use of our cartridge tension O-Rings. Different cartridge brands use different membrane tension. We recommend the use of cartridges with softer membrane tension.

*The VERSO is concepted to work with a Hit at the end of the movement cycle. This is not comparable to any direct drive machines that needs a huge stroke length to be stronger. The VERSO provides a hard hit by just touching the skin with the tip of the needle. Commonly setup at a stroke length between 3.5mm and 4.0mm

- unbelievable lining experience
- extreme power
- up to 25RS Round Shader for Lining
- magnetic drive
- no maintenance needed
- 100% Hit
- 60% Give (Standart & Cartridge setup)
- more silent Hit and workflow then other side driven machines
- made from high grade black anodized aluminum
- weights only 103 grams
- customized brushless Pro-Core longlife Motor
- locks any grips with ease
- wireless friendly with lightweight battery or battery-grip
- made in germany

- the VERSO tattoomachine 
- RCA cable 
- perfect rubberbands 
- armature bar nipples 
- tension o-rings 
- plungerbar 
- manual
- stickers 
- nice packing ;-) 

The long but short STORY... 

Here she is, finally, my most anticipated machine from all my builds :-) As a professional tattoo artist, I was always searching for my perfect machine. In the past, I have bought and tested too many machines to fit my needs, but i never have found any for beeing 100% happy with the performance that i was searching for. In the very beginning of my machine building career I have focused on a magnetic system, as i believed this would be the best way for achieving the greatest performance and tattooing results possible. When i have started to build the VERSO, I was struggling against the physics of magnets and made lots of prototypes before, and time went by with searching for the right CNC machining company who could build my ideas into my machine. Now, after over 8 years of prototyping, i have made the most powerful machine for the use with standart long bar needles or cartridges, and i am so happy and proud that I have finally made it to the final version. The VERSO is an outstanding machine for professional artists who are searching for an extreme power to push big needle groupings with ease. The Powerliner setup is made for extreme lining and colour packing, the Standartliner setup is the softer setup for the use of liners from 7RL to 11RL and 7RM to 15RM with a nice give. The Cartridge setup is made for cartridges only, and we recommend the use of cartridges with soft or medium membranes to work the best. The magnets work with a give, that means, the bigger the cartridge needle, the softer it will hit. Cheers, Mike

we build machines with passion