Ball-Pen Grip&Tool

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Premium Set for Coil or Rotary Machines. Including Black&Grey Colour Set for Black&Grey Artists.  40pcs extra long 130mm custom made Re-Fills

- Premium Set including: 10x Black, 10x Grey, 5x White, 5x Blue, 5x Red and 5x Green. 
- Extra Premium Set including: 20x Black, 20x Grey, 10x White, 5x Blue, 5x Red and 5x Green. 

Create Art on Paper now with your Coil or Rotary machine with this exclusive Set.

- Including the Black&Grey Artist Re-Fill Set with Black, Grey and White for all Black&Grey Artists.
- Note! The White Colour is made from liquid Gel-Ink for adding Highlights to your drawing. White has to dry at least one hour.

- Custom made Grey Ballpen Colour 
- White Gel Ink Re-Fill for adding Highlights 
- CNC machined Grip made from Stainless Steel and anodized Aluminum 
- CNC machined Armature-Bar Nipple Tool for easy installing onto your coil or rotary machine 
- Grip inside made with easy glide and stabilization for the Ball-Pens
- 130mm custom made Ball-Pen Re-Fills 
- small Ball-Pen Stencil Book with 20 designs for Kids and Artists 
- spareparts included
- make fun art on Paper or non permanent on Skin

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